Zahra Zahed

Zahra grew up in Afghanistan. She was raised with anti-woman sentiments, a different set of human rights for women and limited expectations for her future. Zahra was forced to leave school at 17 by her husband and his family in order to keep a multitude of jobs. When pregnancies occurred she was forced to terminate them by her husband and his parents.

In 2016 Zahra came to Canada with her husband and his parents. Abuse was quick to resurface. In February 2017 her husband and his parents forced her to leave their home. Zahra was expelled into a dark cold night with twenty dollars in her pocket. She was forced out pregnant with no jacket or boots or belongings. Kindness of strangers and luck brought her to Ernestine’s Woman’s Shelter. 

Zahra found safety and security and counseling to help her heal. She delivered her child during her stay at Ernestines. Currently Zahra is enrolled in college studying Practical Nursing. She is a single parent, a full time student and holds down several part time positions. She also finds time to volunteer at her local Community Centre. She is an amazing and inspiring young woman.

We feel honoured to have met Zahra and wish her well in all her endeavours.